Safe Traveling Essay

These days, it's almost impossible to imagine leaving the house, not to mention traveling to a foreign country, without a smartphone. How would you avoid getting lost without your built-in GPS? Or know which neighborhoods to visit (and which to avoid) without a handy phone travel guide? And don't forget everyone needs social media apps to share experiences with friends.

While your smartphone can help you keep in touch and stay street smart while traveling abroad, the costs of international roaming, data and messaging can make staying connected very expensive (just ask this guy). That's why our friends at T-Mobile added global data coverage in over 100 countries at no extra cost to their Simple Choice plan.

So, now that it won't break the bank to stay safe and make sure everyone knows your trip is going a-OK, we teamed up with T-Mobile to put together some other crucial, but very often-overlooked, traveling tips to protect you from worst-case scenarios. Read on for 13 safety tips every globetrotter should heed while traveling the world.

...pleasant, safe I hope you had a good journey. Have a safe journey. | arduous, awkward, bad, difficult, gruelling, hard, tedious, terrible, tiring, tortuous | dangerous, hazardous, perilous | overland | cross-country | daily | overnight | epic an epic journey across Africa on foot | wasted The library was closed when I got there, so it was a wasted journey. | emotional, sentimental, spiritual He made the emotional journey back to the house he grew up in. VERB + JOURNEY go on, have, make He wasn't there and we had a wasted journey. | break We broke our return journey in San Francisco. | begin, set out on | continue, resume They continued their journey on foot. | complete JOURNEY + VERB take (sb) The journey takes about five hours. His journey took him across central Asia. | begin | end JOURNEY + NOUN time PREP. on ~ They were on a journey to the Far East. | ~ by a journey by air/bus/land/rail/sea, etc. | ~ across, ~ between, ~ down the journey down the Rhine | ~ from, ~ of a journey of 300 miles a journey of five days | ~ through, ~ to The bus journey from London to Athens took 60 hours. | ~ up PHRASES be tired after/from a journey, a leg/stage of a journey Dawn was breaking as we set out on the last leg of our journey. travel noun ADJ. air, bus, car, coach, rail, sea, train | foreign, international, overseas, world | long-distance | business | leisure | cheap, concessionary, free | first-class | high-speed | return |...

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