B Hons Psychology Ignou Assignment

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Year (BPC-001 to 004)

Tutor Marked Assignment2011-2012

Dear Learners,As per laid down guidelines of the University, you have to complete one assignment foreach course opted by you.Each assignment has questions to be answered in 500 words, 250 words, and 100 words. You willfind that the questions in the assignments are analytical and descriptive so that you can betterunderstand and comprehend the concepts. Remember, writing answers to assignment questionswill sharpen your understanding and prepare you for the term-end examination.It is important that you write the answers to all the questions in your own words. Your answersshould be within the approximate range of the word-limit set for each question.You are to submit the assignment/s to

the Coordinator of your Study Centre

. You must obtain areceipt from the Study Centre for the assignment/s submitted and retain it with you. It is desirableto keep with you a photocopy of the assignment/s submitted by you.Once evaluated, the Study Centre will return the assignment/s to you. Please insist on this. TheStudy Centre will send the marks to the SE Division at IGNOU, New Delhi.


You need to submit the assignment as mentioned below for being eligible to appear in the term-end examination:

Session Last Date of SubmissionTo be Sent

For July, 2011 SessionFor January, 2012 SessionMarch 31, 2012September 30, 2012ToThe Coordinator of theStudy Centre allotted toyou

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