10 Critical Decisions Of Operations Management Essays On Friendship

Would you put Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise, on the list of best business movies?

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You can only learn so much from case studies. Sure, the lessons may be grounded in the real world, with real people suffering real consequences. In the end, do these examples really stick with you? Do you mimic lines from a study to your friends? And do you occasionally return to a key person or decision in a study and think, “I can really see myself doing that.” 

Sometimes, the best way to translate reality is through fiction. And no genre resonates more with people than cinema. Take the topic of business. Our work consumes over a third of our lives. For many, work is a community where they fulfill their life’s mission. In that world, you’ll find the great truths: The corrosive effect of power, money, and hubris; the fruits of hope, sweat and perseverance; the trade-offs and unforeseen results inherent to making decisions; and the ever-present opportunity for reconciliation and redemption.

Hollywood may embellish reality, but the behind-the-scenes business dealings in movies often reflect the real world all too closely. From Jordan Belfort to Howard Hughes, movie storytelling takes us inside deeply flawed, three-dimensional characters, whose key moments of achievement, betrayal, and epiphany remind us of our own potential and frailty. Whether we admire or loathe these characters, we remember them – and the cautionary lessons many represent.

Looking for some practical lessons that may get lost in a case study? Here are ten must-see movies that will amp up your business acumen with an up close and personal look at the temptations and ambiguities you’re bound to eventually face:

1) Wall Street



This has to be right at the top if you talk about must-watch movies for business students. The movie digs into everything a business hides behind the scenes. As a thrilling journey into Gordon Gekko’s life, it shows exactly how people barter their morals to become filthy rich and make it big on Wall Street, with principles like, “Money is everything,” and “Greed is good.” Take those lessons with a grain of salt!


2) The Insider


Al Pacino and Russell Crowe share the screen in this movie, which is reason enough to watch it, but it’s also a must-watch to know what ethics and integrity in business really mean. It’s a story of a man who is faced with an ugly choice of doing the right thing and risking his life, or keeping his mouth shut.


3) Tucker : A Man and His Dream


Searching for some inspiration to trigger your spirits before a leap into the world of entrepreneurship? This movie can be your unforgettable inspiration. Make yourself feel good while this movie works as an inspiration to your psyche by telling you exactly what it is like to follow your dreams…a bed of roses…but roses with spurs, where you have to make sacrifices.

I. Goods and service design. Harmonizing to Henzer ( 2004 ) . design of goods and design defines much of the transmutation procedure. The factors of cost. quality and human resources must be made during the phase. Operation direction of merchandise and services is besides different because due to different characteristic and touchable / intangible characteristic.

II. Quality. Customer has a really high quality criterion presents and operation direction determination in quality must be clear and rigorous for its members to understand and follow. It must put a quality. criterion and operating process to run into customers’ high outlook.

III. Procedure and capacity design. Fabrication of physical merchandises may hold higher importance on procedure and capacity design than services operation. Operation direction ( merchandise ) should make up one’s mind what procedure it. what type of engineering and to what extent. human resources. quality and care that determines its basic cost construction. Services operation determination on this country is much simpler and it can find by clients who straight involved in the procedure. For illustration. client will inquire seamster to plan specific manner apparels. Capacity design issue is critical for services because it will seek to cut down waiting clip and avoid doomed of gross revenues due to deficient capacity. For fabricating capacity design is based on houses fiscal capableness. prognosis for future and market demand.

IV. Location can be an country for operation direction to make up one’s mind and with globalisation of concern. operation directors excessively must believe planetary. For physical goods. location choice can be determined by pools of qualified human resources. engineering. natural stuff. entree to market and authorities policy. For services as it is direct to clients. the location is determined by market handiness or near to client as possible.

V. Layout design. Material flow. process choice engineering used. capacity needs. workers demands. stock list demand. and capital will act upon the determination for layout design. For services such as hotels. beside capacity needs layout besides will heighten its properties and characteristics to the clients.

VI. Human Resources and Job Design – Employees is the built-in portion in the entire system design. Operation direction must put a policy to put labour criterions to ease passage of accomplishments. betterment of cognition. accomplishments and abilities ( KSA ) . construct a balance work and life quality in an effectual cost mark. For services one excess country operation direction should touch. which is clients relationship that they are covering straight.

VII. Supply Chain Management – Decisions that have to take topographic point of what to bring forth. what stuff to purchase. from where. how is the cost and how is the bringing from provider to the concluding terminal clients in on-time bringing and lower limit cost possible. It is more critical in production of goods than services.

VIII. Inventory – Decisions on how and where the stock list degree to maintain long term clients satisfaction. providers. material handiness for non to interrupt the production. human resources needed for this intent and of import the keeping cost from fiscal position. Goods production are more concern because maker may maintain natural stuff. in advancement work order and concluding goods while services is non critical as it is straight produce and consume at the same time.

IX. Scheduling – Efficient manner of allotment. control and direction of stuffs. capital goods and human resources to expeditiously bring forth the concluding goods from the input available. Agendas are more formal in goods production with short. medium and long term planning to suit clients demand. For services the demand is more direct and volatile and frequently concern on human resources and KSA handiness to run into current clients demands.

Ten. Maintenance – Decision must be made sing the coveted degree of dependability. stableness and systems must be established by direction to keep that dependability and stableness.

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