Cycle Of Child Abuse Essay

Mikołaj na ulicach Brzeska

W piątkowy słoneczny dzień, na ulicach Brzeska zagościł  Mikołaj, który częstował napotkane osoby słodyczami i wręczał drobne upominki.  Mikołaj  poprosił również  o ocenę   jak  się żyje i pracuje w naszej gminie, jakie są oczekiwania i życzenia. Cieszy  w tej krótkiej mikołajowej sondzie, że wszyscy zapytani, bez względu czy tu mieszkają czy  pracują, wyrażali się pozytywnie o Brzesku i jego mieszkańcach. Podkreślali, że jest  tutaj ogromna liczba ludzi życzliwych, że  miasto i sołectwa pięknieją, cieszą ich nowe drogi, zjazdy z autostrady i różnorodność pozytywnych zmian. A jakie są oczekiwania napotkanych przez Mikołaja osób?

Każdy pracujący chciałby więcej zarabiać, prawie wszyscy mówili o konieczności pielęgnowania życzliwości międzyludzkiej. Zapytani o to co chcieliby poprawić w wizerunku Brzeska, w zdecydowanej większości odpowiadali, że  pozytywne zmiany widać na każdym kroku. Trzy osoby podkreśliły konieczność zwiększenia ukwiecenia wjazdów do miasta. Jedna z pań chciałaby  wyposażenia Domu Ludowego  w  Porębie Spytkowskiej  w sprzęt do ćwiczeń ogólnorozwojowych, a dwie zmotoryzowane respondentki chciałyby więcej bezpłatnych miejsc do parkowania. Szczególnie ucieszyły Mikołaja życzenia od respondentów dla wszystkich mieszkańców gminy Brzesko, do których z wielką radością przyłącza się i on sam.

W mikołajowej sondzie wzięli udział: Agnieszka i Patrycja z Jadownik, Barbara z Jadownik, Ola z Borzęcina, Bogdan z Brzeska, Marcin i Franciszek – Radni Rady Miejskiej w Brzesku, Maria z Brzeska, Barbara z Poręby Spytkowskiej, Ludwik z Brzeska, Magda z córką z Brzeska, Antoni z Dębna, Marija z Ukrainy – mieszka w Brzesku, Krzysztof i Paweł z Brzeska, Ewa z Brzeska, Krystyna z Brzeska, Ola z Bochni.

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We Must Stop Child Abuse And Neglect

Child abuse is one of the most tragic problems in America today. Each year, over three million American children are beaten, neglected, or sexually abused by their parents or guardians. Infants only a few days old as well as teenagers are subject to child abuse. There are four types of child abuse: physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Child abuse is a serious problem that plagues America's youth and must be stopped.

     Physical abuse is one form of child abuse. According to social agencies, beatings of children have multiplied
over the past twenty years. Physical abuse is any abuse that is harmful to the
child. This kind of abuse includes the physical discipline which results in
observable injuries on the child. It also includes use of a life-threatening
weapon, like a gun or a knife, against a child and any abuse resulting in death.
Any abuse which results in a sever injury requiring prompt medical attention,
that could be life threatening, that could cause mental and/or physical
impairment, could cause disfigurement, or chronic pain is too classified as
physical child abuse. Another form of physical abuse is any knowing or willful
mistreatment which in the opinion of a licensed medical doctor causes great
bodily harm and/or results in hospitalization for treatment of this injury or
condition; this may include physical injury sustained as a result of abuse or
conditions which result from a parent's willful failure to act to stop this from
happening to the child.

     Physical neglect is defined as failure to provide for a child's physical
survival needs to the extent that there is harm or risk of harm to the child's
health and safety. Physical neglect includes these four things: inadequate
food, inadequate shelter, inadequate medical care, and inadequate supervision.
Forty-two percent of all child abuse reports involve allegations of physical
neglect. The inadequate food element includes a child intentionally or
deliberately not getting fed or given water. It also includes a diagnosis by a
physician of failure to thrive because of a parent's failure to feed the child.
Inadequate shelter includes prolonged and serious illness resulting from
exposure to the elements or to serious dangerous substances as evidenced by
serious injury. Inadequate medical care encompasses the child not receiving
medical treatment for an injury, illness, or disability, and if left
untreated, the condition is life-threatening, or will result in permanent
impairment, or is a serious threat to public health. Inadequate supervision
is dependent upon the child's age, developmental level, willingness to stay
alone, time of day, awareness of what to do in case of an emergency, whether
the child is responsible for watching younger brothers and/or sisters, whether
the child had any physical or mental limitations that would make it difficult
or impossible for the child to care for himself/herself, and/or any...

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2106 words - 8 pages Child abuse is the physical or emotional mistreatment of a child by a parent, guardian, or other person. Information of child abuse, including sexual abuse, beating, and murder, have climbed in the United States and some authorities believe that the number of cases is under reported. Child neglect is sometimes integrated in legal definitions of child abuse to cover instances of starvation, abandonment, and insufficient care of a child's safety....

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1434 words - 6 pages Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children(Child Abuse Statistics & Facts). Child abuse doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, it can be mental, emotional, or sexual, it can even be neglect. Abuse doesn’t only effect the child being abused but it also affects the people witnessing the abuse. Child abuse can affect the child in many different ways. There can be...

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