Barbara Widhalm Dissertations


Toni Aspin, Ph.D. - Revisioning Corporate Governance through a Participatory Worldview:  A Theoretical Study

Steven Carpenter, Ph.D. - Transdisciplinarity within the Northern American Climate Change Mitigation Research Community, Specifically the Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation, Utilization and Storage Community

Leonalda Castillo de Urena, Ph.D. - The Way of Council: A Narrative Inquiry Exploring How Contemporary People Carry Council Today

Carma J. Corcoran, Ph.D. - The Juxtaposition of Gentle Action Theory and Traditional Ways of Knowing and Being in the Provision of Services to Native American Women Experiencing Incarceration

William Oren Cox, Ph.D. - Exploration of the Experiences of Individuals Diagnosed with Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Gabrielle Donelly Torbert, Ph.D. - Navigating spindrifts of change: A  transdiciplinary inquiry into the experiences of a scholar-praticioner

Lynee M. Connelly, Ph.D. - The Royal Thai Scholars Program: A Case Study

Harlan Gilber, Ph.D. - Expanding Identity: The Significance of Oikeiosis for Contemporary Ethics

Jeffrey L. Jamerson, Ph.D. - Expressive Remix Therapy: Facilitating Narrative Mash-Ups Through the Use of Digital Media

Annette M. Kearl, Ph.D. - The Swiss Resonance Monochord Table: Inquiry Into the Healing Complexity and Transformational Power of Sound

Christine Keating Collins, Ph.D. - Poem as Prismatic Self: Emily Dickinson's Mythopoeic Genius

Michele Mercer Lee, Ph.D. - Four Mindsets of a Visual Ecology in the Workplace: Re-Visioning Language Through Visual Literacy

Ann Malmuth-Onn, Ph.D. - Choreographer as Culture Maker: A Transdiciplinary Inquiry into Sara Levi-Tanai's Lifework

Adrian Scharfetter, Ph.D. - Athena Awakening: A Theoretical Exploration of Cathartic Integration within Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Carol Simpson, Ph.D. - S.G.I. Buddhist Jazz Artists and Global Citizenship

Terry B. Teaters, Ph.D. - Ecstatic Dance: An Arts Based Study

Casuarina Tham, Ph.D. - An Empirical Investigation of Adult Imagination in Relation to Remembered Childhood Fantasy Play


Suzy Adra, Ph.D. - The States of Presence and Insight in the Painting Process

Sandy Y. Baba, Ph.D. - Towards a Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate and Responsive Family Engagement Model for Low-Income Chinese Immigrant Parents in San Francisco: A Qualitative Analysis

Mary T. Baxter, Ph.D. - Life Journey's of Spiritual Healers: Qualitative Analysis of the Life Stories of Spiritual Healers.  

Jay Cooper Beeks, Ph.D. - Which of the Current Diverse Ideas on Alternative Economics Are the Best for Adequately and Comprehensively Addressing the Great Transition to Climate , Energy, and Biodiversity Sustainability? 

Robin S. Brown, Ph.D. - Depth Psychology and Consciousness Studies: A Portfolio of Three Papers

Melani Buchanan-Farmer, Ph.D. - "When You Grow Stronger, You Grow Up to Be a Beautiful Healthy Person": Developing Awareness of Wellness with Early Adolescent Girls Using Action Research 

Joanne Burtch, Ph.D. - Toward a Deepening Inquiry About Human Relationships to the Divine

Axil Cricchio, Ph.D. - (De)Positioning the (Hetero)normative Model of Identity: A Metatheoretical Analysis of Trans*/Gender Non-conforming Standpoint Epistemology and the (Trans)formation of Social Consciousness

Renee Eli, Ph.D. - Of Flesh and Flourishing: Toward an Expressive Ontology of the Body

Thomas M. Gallagher, Ph.D. - Gay Men and the Church: The Sacred Exchange

Rebecca Ryan Green, Ph.D. - Coming Home to Body: Moving Through Uncertainty Healing from Childhood Trauma

Claudia Hall, Ph.D. - Tabletop Role-Playing Game Characters: A Transdisciplinary and Autoethnographic Examination of Their Function and Importance

Karla Ann Hankes, Ph.D. - Transitions and Transformation: An Interpretive Analysis of the Phenomenon of Bereavement and Non-Bereavement Related Grief in Sandplay Therapy

Kathryn Hayes, Ph.D. - A Narrative Study of Service Learning and Workplace Volunteering: Increasing Participation and Improving Outcomes for Employee Volunteers

Amel M.T. Jerary, Ph.D. - Who Is the Libyan? A Study of Libyan Identity Based on Surveys and Interviews Conducted in Tripoli and Jadu

Sherill L. Lambruschini, Ph.D. - The Connection Spectrum: How Leaders Experience Interpersonal Connection in the Workplace

Kerri Jo Laryea, Ph.D. - Expert Rater as Deep Listener in Complex Performance-based Assessments

Jeni Marie Rogers, Ph.D. - Nature Based Artful Rite of Passage, Renewing Self and Nurturing Interdependence: A Co-Creative, Arts Based Organic Inquiry

Bonnie Blue Love Sayers, Ph.D. - The Ecology of Love: A Transdisciplinary Inquiry into the Heart of the Matter

Patrick Garland Wakeford-Evans, Ph.D. - Peak Experience in Educational Encounters

Krystal Flo Wood-Kofonow, Ph.D. - The Significance of Joy in the Learning Process


Melody Hicks Arteberry, Ph.D. - Communication Skill Practice for Personal Growth and Leadership Development

Suzanne Baldon, Ph.D. -  Meditation, Discussion and Social Action Groups in Waco, Texas: An Autoethnography about Community Relationships and Gentle Actions 

Melanie Buchanan Farmer, Ph.D. - When You Grow Stronger, You Grow Up to Be A Beautiful Healthy Person: Developing An Awareness of Wellness with Early Adolescent Girls

Lisa Manipis Capa, Ph.D. -  The Role of Attention Cultivation in Leadership Development for Sustainable Business: A Narrative Inquiry

Chase Merwin Clow, Ph.D. -  Gelong: A Photography of Being

Tracy Mitchell Cooper, Ph.D. -  The Integral Being: A Qualitative Investigation of Highly Sensitive Persons and Temperament-Appropriate Careers

Patricia Gailey, Ph.D. - Web of Life Support for Three Philosophies of Occupation

John P. Harden, Ph.D. - I Serve in Order to Know: A Case Study in Student Engagement, Service and Self-Authorship 

Elizabeth Maureen Jelinek, Ph.D. - Epigenetics: The Transgenerational Transmission of Ancestral Trauma, Behaviors and Experiences - As Seen in Systemic Family Constellations

Mark Allen Kohls, Ph.D. - The Unintended Quest: An Examination of Transcendence and Personal Change in High-Risk Non-Traditional Athletes

Kimberly Langenbach, Ph.D. - An Evaluation of Second-Order Change in the Spouses or Partners of Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

Ryan Glen Polly, Ph.D. - (Trans)forming the Family - A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Transgender Parents

Teryl Price Saunders, Ph.D. - Fictionalizing Followership

Jennifer Ann Schwartz, Ph.D. - Childbirth as a Profound Experience: Exploring Narrative and Image of Experience during Birth

Kristen Michelle Shrewsburry, Ph.D. - Just Like Everyone Else": Lesbians Performing Heteronormativity to Create Connection

Basil Mundy Viar, III, Ph.D. - Collaborating for Music Education: A Participatory Inquiry via Asset-Based Community Development

Kurt Wagner, Ph.D. - Romantic Resilience of Gay Men Living and Thriving in a Hostile World 

Carla J. Wilson, Ph.D. - The Opinions of Practitioners of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture on the Emergence of Integrative Medicine


Mary Lydia Aebischer, Ph.D. - An Organic Inquiry into the Sacred Stories on the Virgin of Guadalupe: Narratives of Transformation in the Latina/Chicana Borderland Consciousness

Don Arispe, Ph.D. - Encounters with Wisdom: A Case Study of Community Worker Reflection Circles in San Antonio, TX

Crete Brown, Ph.D. - Unsettling” the Bear River Massacre: A Transformative Learning and Action Project Utilizing Indigenous Worldviews and Ceremonial Elements

Monique Ann Duphily, Ph.D. - Transforming Relationships: A Qualitative Analysis of Westerners’ Experience of Reciprocity with the Natural World

Kendra Marie Harris, Ph.D. - Cultural Genocide by Western Education: A Transdisciplinary Study of Pragmatics in New Orleans

Rien Havens, Ph.D. - Adult Development and Wellbeing

Marsha Roberts Hopkins, Ph.D. - Play in the Lives of Creative Individuals: An Arts Based Exploration

Robert A. Kezer, Ph.D. - Integral Nonviolent Conflict: Reframing the Idea of Civil Resistance against Violent Oppression

Peter Richard le Breton, Ph.D. - The Farther Reaches of Human Learning: An Interpretative Study of Mastery

Bisola Marignay, Ph.D. - Everyday Life: A Critical Ethnography of a Community Caring for Children under Assault in Schools

Seth Thomas Miller, Ph.D. - Toward an Aesthetic Epistemology: Transforming Thinking through Cybernetic Epistemology and Anthroposophy

Carol Marie Oberg, Ph.D. - Reframing Dementia Care as Joint Performance and Improvisational Practice: A Theroretical Perspective

Angela Ruth Reed, Ph.D. - Qualitative Research in Empowering Young Visionaries: Unleashing Young People’s Innate Wisdom and Creative Potential

Michael Shabaka–Aaron, Ph.D. - Black in America: Formerly Incarcerated & Never Incarcerated

Charles H. Silverstein, Ph.D. - Contemplative Practices and Orders of Consciousness: A Constructive-Developmental Approach

Rachel M. Sowell Keil, Ph.D. - Visualizing Change: A Narrative Inquiry on How Designers Represent and Prototype Their Intangible Design Ideas

Rebecca Ruth Watford, Ph.D. - Architectural Space: In Search of Sensory Balance for Contemporary Spaces

Marguerite Anne Welch, Ph.D. - What’s It Like to Be White?:  Understanding the Decision to Learn About Being White


Margaret DiMarco Allen, Ph.D. - An Integral-Appreciative Co-Paradigm Study of Leadership and Effectiveness at a Public Service Agency: The Rockford Park District from 1972 – 2006

Jocelyn Elizabeth Chapman, Ph.D. - Teaching into the Heart of Knowing in Online Education: Aesthetics and Pragmatics

Wanella – Bola Cofield, Ph.D. - Learning Circle – Sacred Space: A Case Study of African America Women Cultivating a Self-Loving Attitude in the Midst of Systemic Oppression

Crystallee Rene Crain, Ph.D. - Exploring the Impact of Community and State Violence among Black Women in Oakland

Denis Martinez Criado, Ph.D. - An Integral Approach to Evolving Consciousness: Painting and Poetry 1890 - 1955

Leilie Kaye First, Ph.D. - Creativity in theoretical Physics: A Situational Analysis of the Fifth Solvay Council on Physics, 1927

Margaret Ruth Frimoth, Ph.D. - Breaking Silence, Shifting Culture: A Partnership Model of Intentional Safety for Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Sister Joy, Ph.D. - Medical Doctors’ Views on Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Moving toward Integrative and Equitable Healthcare in Arkansas

Nancy Kresin-Price, Ph.D. - Building Warmth Sculpture in the Student-Teacher Relationship: Goethean Observation and Contemplative Practice in an Action Research Inquiry

Benedict L. Louie, Ph.D. - Application of a Grief Model and Buddhist Psychology Dealing with Grieving, Loss, and Suffering

Regina Lutrell, Ph.D. - Social Networking Sites in the Public Relations Classroom: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Undergraduate Learning Outcomes Using Wordpress, Facebook, and Twitter

Charles McAuley, Ph.D. - Promethean Mythopoetics and Evolutionary Consciousness: The Theoretical Journey through the Realms of Metaphor, Media, and Mind

Ayodele Nzinga, Ph.D. - Performing Literacy: A Narrative Inquiry into Performance Pedagogy in a Marginalized Community

Kenneth Otter, Ph.D. - What Difference Does It Make? A Qualitative Inquiry into Longer-Term Outcomes of a Transformative Education in Relational Leadership

Damaur Cummings Quander, Ph.D. - A Nation within a Nation: An Organic Study of the Black Matriarchy as a Social Construct of Black Survival in Contrast to the Moynihan Report

Lynne Hedrick Roff, Ph.D. - Anomalous Experience in the Performing Arts: A Transdisciplinary Encounter

Mary Rolison, Ph.D. - How Human Service Workers Maintain a Positive Perspective

Charles Silverstein, Ph.D. - Contemplative Practices and Orders of Consciousness: A Constructive-Developmental Approach

Penelope Ann Thronson, Ph.D. - Crossing between the Father’s House and the Mother’s House; The Journey of a Long-Term Leaderless Women’s Group

Sally Wilcox, Ph.D. - A Fractal Topology of the Transcendent Experience

Laura Wilson, Ph.D. - Enchanted Words, Enchanted Worlds: A Theoretical Examination of Fantasy Literature and Re-enchantment

Robert Wright Jr., Ph.D. - The Role of Endogenous Cyclic Nitric Oxide Spiking in Motherloss and Existential Grief Recovery: A Modified Neuropsychological and Psychophysiological Heuristic Self Search Inquiry Approach to Stress reduction, Homeostasis, and Healing

John Yeomans, Ph.D. - The Theory of Evoking Conditioned Presence: A Grounded Theory Study"


Elisa Audo, Ph.D. - The Experience of Mind-Body Bridging as a Treatment for Domestic Violence Offenders

David Borsos, Ph.D. - The Esoteric Philosophy of Alice A. Bailey: Ageless Wisdom for a New Age

Sheri Chow, Ph.D. - Best Practices in Student Recruitment: A Case Study of Eleven Practitioners at Seven Alternative Graduate Schools

Julien Porter Devereux, Ph.D. - Transformative Experiences of Long-Term Recovering Alcoholics: A Cooperative Inquiry

Armand Diaz, Ph.D. - Divination as a Life Path in Contemporary America: An In-depth Exploration of the World of Psychic Mediums

Maureen Dolan, Ph.D. - Body, Mind, Spirit: Twelve Juicy Stories of Transformation from Yoga Practice in Higher Education

John Duvall, Ph.D. - Peak Oil and Transition: The Making of a Documentary Video

Anna Gatmon, Ph.D. - Education towards Wholeness: Facilitating Spiritual Knowing in Adult Learners

Judith Glick-Smith, Ph.D. - The Path of the Razor’s Edge: An Examination of the Flow of Experiences of Firefighters

Catherine Hillary Keeney, Ph.D. - Circular Poetics: Cybernetics, Zen Koans, and the Art of Creative, Transformative Pedagogy

Sarah Kerr, Ph.D. - Dreams, Rituals, and the Creation of Sacred Objects: An Inquiry into a Contemporary Western Shamanic Initiation

Joe Mageary, Ph.D. - Rise Above/We’re Gonna Rise Above”: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Use of Hardcore Punk Culture as a Context for the Development of Preferred Identities

Joy Meeker, Ph.D. - Engaging Emotions and Practicing Conflict: Emotions and Teaching Toward Social Justice

Melissa Murray, Ph.D. - Civilian Leadership in a Public Safety Organization: A Collaborative Inquiry among a Group of Public Safety Dispatch Supervisors

Jeanine Olund, Ph.D. -Women of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: A Qualitative Exploration into Factors of Success

Nika Newcomb Quirk, Ph.D. - Open Yet Unbroken: We Emerge as a Circle of Women Leaders through an Artful Action Inquiry

Aparna Ramaswamy, Ph.D. - Natya Yoga – The Yoga of Bharatha Natyam

Stacey Starling, Ph.D. - Competing Goodness: Perceptions of Person-Centered Culture Change Within Human Service Agencies

James Uhl, Ph.D. - Experiences and Insights on Masculinity by Former Navy Seals in Their Military and Civilian Lives

Barbara Widhalm, Ph.D. - Nature as Guide for Vibrant Learning – A Living Systems Framework for Academic Learning Experience Design toward a Thriving Sustainable World

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