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National Unity

Write an essay on “National Unity” in about 150-200 words.
National unity means one nation as a whole formed in a one complete nation. Many people of different castes live in the same nation. They speak different languages. They have different modes of living and different religions. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs etc. though we have unity.

We can give several examples of the power of unity. Power lies in unity, not in diversity. A drop of water is not too strong enough to wash anything away the whole villages. A thin thread is very weak. Even a child can break it but when a number of threads are woven into a thick rope that an elephant can’t break so what made a feeble thread so strong. So unit is strength or power.

Unity brings peace and development. If we have good relationship with others our enemies can’t take advantage. It always drives peace. If there is peace the development works can run smoothly throughout the country. Now a day we have a glance of peace but the development works hasn’t been run as usual. Because of lack of political instability and wrong ideology people are being divided into groups in the name of region, castes and religions. The poverty is being increased day by day.

The government of Nepal has always urged the people to realize the value of national unity. The villagers have to be given the education about national unity. There should be punishment for criminal works otherwise a person can be hanged and died miserably.

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Essay on the Importance of National Unity and Strength

National unity is the first and foremost necessity of peaceful and prosperous country. No one can deny the fact that unity is safety. Disunity results in fall of the countries. There are many examples in the history of the world when due to lack of national unity there have been internal as well as external dangers to the security and survival of countries. In our history also, we lost East Pakistan due to lack of national unity.

The present situation of national unity is not very bright and encouraging. We are the worst victims of disunity. Our religion gave the message of unity and love to the whole human race but we have turned the tables. We have become totally disunited. We have developed different political groups, caste system and even religious sects. These trends have proved and are still proving to be very costly. We are inwardly as well as outwardly in danger. Our enemies are within and outside the country. Often the newspapers reflect this disunity. We have lost one part of the country. One of our neighbors is a constant danger for us but still we have not learnt any lesson from our past mistakes.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is passing through the most critical period of its history. The terrorism, sectarianism, corruption, political unrest and economic crisis are causing a threat to its solidarity. To make Pakistan powerful and prosperous national unity is a must. Only our national unity can promise our safety. Therefore, in order to live a happy and secure life. We should try to uproot all the differences. All the clashes and all the obstacles that are there. On the other hand, Pakistan is an Islamic republic and our religion Islam teaches us unity and co-operation. Islam is a religion of unity and fraternity. So, if we make Pakistan a true Islamic state that will unite us more strongly and more easily than any other way.

Here are suggestion to improve national unity.

  • Act upon Islamic rules and make Pakistan an ideal Islamic state.
  • Media i.e. T.V, radio and newspaper should play their vital positive role in promotion national unity.
  • Educational system especially syllabus on all levels should be based on national unity.
  • Students are leaders of future. There should be seminars in educational institutions for improving national unity.
  • Every citizen should play his part and realize his basic responsibility in serving the nation.


In the end we can say that we do not have ideal national unity. But if both the Government and the public make sincere efforts we can make Pakistan an ideal Islamic State, a powerful and prosperous country and above all a model to be followed and envied by others.

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Importance of National Unity and Strength

Importance of National Unity

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